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Ivy House poet: Mohammad

When I first came to London in 1985, I lived in a few areas: Paddington, then Finchley Rd and others. I was living near Borough High St in 2005, but the 1 bed flat we had was too small for my family, and I was offered a house in Peckham. The area is nice, I like it - especially Peckham Rye and Nunhead. And I met people like Geoff, who is my neighbour. I came to the pub, met people - through the community pub I met all these nice people. I'm happy here - I don't feel like I'm from a different country here - people treat me nicely. The film to me... film is an art, like camerawork. A poem is something that comes to you. Not everyone can be Shakespeare. I just try and tell my story but I don't think it's a poem. I didn't think my English accent was good enough - it's only my fourth language (Kurdish, Arabic, Persian) but my good friend Geoff convinced me and said he would help me.

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