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Ivy House poets: Wendy

All my life I have lived in South East London, moving through various different parts of it, but all the time getting closer and closer to Peckham Rye/ Nunhead... It is here, a hop, skip and a jump away from the Ivy House that I have bought my first house and where I feel properly 'at home'. Since the moment I moved in, I have been connected with the Ivy House, firstly jumping at the chance to buy shares (it seemed like fate that the pub was planning to re-open as we moved in), then drinking in the pub, teaching jazz in the pub, writing the events board for the pub... and now joining this poetry group (which is the most scary bit!).

Despite coinciding with one of the busiest working times of my life, I loved the poetry experience. I have always expressed myself through movement and now realise that I can do it quite effectively through words too :-) It felt like there was this 'other' creative part of me that had been lying dormant for years and it suddenly erupted - thanks to Laurie and this experience igniting it. For the last fifteen years I have always being the leader of workshops - teaching and lecturing other people - so it was wonderful to be the student again and having space to be creative and indulgent. Doing it with such an interesting mix of other personalities in front of the fire at the Ivy House was delightful. Such fun and so personally rewarding. I am completely inspired to carry on writing - and will.

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