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Note to visitors - the Public House film now has two sites - this one, which was started for communicating with the community involved in the making of the film, will be kept and updated with news and screenings.


is our new website, for those interested in distributon and exhibition:

There you can see a trailer from the newly recut version, stills from the finished film, and press in response to its premier screening in the London BFI Film Festival last year.


'Public House’, a new feature length film by award winning artist and academic, Sarah Turner, explores the centrality of pubs and social spaces to communal narrative and memory. Pubs give us a license to let go, tell life stories, and confide in people we may not expect to. In 2014 we explored those moments with local residents and community leaders who shared their memories through interviews and performance poetry. In 2015, we organised the Peckham Rye assembly, a day which unleashed the creative energy of the Ivy House as the local community danced onto the surrounding streets and open public spaces. 

You can read more about the project and its participants below. Both of the above experiences constitute important imagery within the final film, and we have posted some stills and audio snippets, so you can have an exclusive look into what's going into the work before it's screened.

If you'd like to share any photos or memories of Peckham/Peckham Rye/Newlands/Nunhead, or either of those events, please do get in touch at

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